Good People

What kinds of movies do I like the best? If I had to make a generalization, I would say that many of my favorite movies are about Good People.

It doesn’t matter if the ending is happy or sad. It doesn’t matter if the characters win or lose. The only true ending is death. Any other movie ending is arbitrary.

If a movie ends with a kiss, we’re supposed to be happy. But then if a piano falls on the kissing couple, or a taxi mows them down, we’re supposed to be sad. What difference does it make?

The best movies aren’t about what happens to the characters. They’re about the example that they set.


Ebert, Roger. “Reflections after 25 years at the movies.” Roger Ebert’s Journal. 12 Apr. 1992.


Roger Ebert

“Artistry can redeem any subject matter—that’s why I’ve always been opposed to censorship. I don’t believe any subject matter should be off base. The question is: What does the artist do with it? How does he look at it? How does he put it through his art in order to make a statement about it?”

—Roger Ebert, film critic

“Women In Danger.” By Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. Sneak Previews. PBS, Chicago. 23 Oct. 1980.