en·dear·ing \in-ˈdir, ng\
Function: adjective
Date: 1580

1 : having qualities that tend to make one loved <you have to wonder about people who don't find kittens and puppies endearing>

2 : likely or intended to win one’s affection <his impish sense of humor is one of his more endearing traits>

—Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary


ulterior motive

John Lennon and Mark David Chapman

ul·te·ri·or mo·tive \ˌəl-ˈtir-ē-ər ˈmō-tiv\
Function: noun
Date: unknown
a second and underlying motive, usually a selfish or dishonorable one

—MSN Encarta® World English Dictionary

Photo of John Lennon signing a copy of his Double Fantasy album for Mark David Chapman, taken by Paul Goresh, December 8, 1980. Photo Copyright © 1980, 1981 Paul Goresh. All Rights Reserved.

Wikipedia: Death of John Lennon