“I could not do this without this car,” she says as the Corvette picks up speed on Hollywood Boulevard. “I scram all the time.” After a thoughtful interval: “Always have an escape route: metaphysically, physically, financially, emotionally. I don’t think I have every base covered. I know I’ve got this car covered.”


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Joan Crawford

“I remember her coming out of the club on 52nd street. Her limousine didn’t arrive. She’d always have a small pocket of fans. The doorman said, ‘Well, Miss Crawford, should I get you a cab?’ ‘Yes,’ she said. The cab arrived. She got in the cab and the first thing she did after the door closed was she’d turn on the light inside the cab and then she said to the driver [motions]… so that her fans could see almost like the queen in the carriage going off, the light on in the back. She loved the light. She loved the attention.”

—Cliff Robertson

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Douglas Kirkland and Faye Dunaway

Douglas Kirkland and Faye Dunaway, Treviso, Italy, 1970

Treviso, Italy, 1970: Summer in northern Italy. Heat and ripeness. I had rented an Italian sports car and I often drove Faye out from town to her film location in the countryside. “I love going fast,” she told me. “It’s what I love most.” I took the camera in my left hand, depressed the accelerator, and shot as I drove.

Kirkland, Douglas. Light Years : Three decades photography among the stars. New York: Thames and Hudson, Inc., 1989. 64. Print.


Douglas Kirkland on Photography: A Life in Pictures