Bill Blass

Bill Blass' apartment

“What I have here is the result of a lifetime of collecting. There is no relationship between the things themselves—except that I like them. You know how American women choose to wear a dress and invest it with their own spirit: I admire that sort of philosophy, and when I collect things, I choose how they are going to look in my life. The way I decorated here was to surround myself with the things I love… and they all have great dignity.”

—Bill Blass

. . .

“He had a very personal point of view about decorating; his rooms were filled with objects and furniture that appealed to him. He put them together in a way that reflected his self-assured style. Then he’d say, ‘Forget about it.’ He had a nonchalant attitude.”

—Tom Fallon, New York fashion executive

Moonan, Wendy. “ANTIQUES; A Décor Collection, From Bill Blass.” The New York Times. 17 Oct. 2003.


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