Bette Davis on love

Bryant Gumbel: And yet you write that you are always better, in all aspects of your life, when you were in love.

Bette Davis: Oh yes, definitely, as I point out in the book [This ‘N That, her second memoir] and look back. I know I was one of those people that was in love with love. To be in love made my life brighter, happier. Miss Harper once printed that I gave my best performances when I was in love, which is very interesting because she was right. I fell in love with Gary Merrill during Eve and did pretty well with that part. Was very much in love and he with me—with George Brandt—in Dark Victory. Oh, I just think it makes your world a much more wonderful place.

BG: But I would have you thought you being such a professional, that love would have been viewed as a distraction from your work.

BD: No, no, no. I think its an addition to your life in anything you do. Definitely.

BG: Why? Doesn’t it demand it’s own concentration? Doesn’t it demand a certain amount of attention that you might otherwise be giving to—

BD: Well, you have time! You have time for both.

“Bette Davis.” Interviewed by Bryant Gumbel. Today. NBC, New York. 19 Mar. 1987.


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