the child is the wisest of all

Another question which from the very beginning occupied Reich’s mind was how the general deconstruction of natural living functioning could be prevented.

In our civilization, as in most other civilizations, it is the adults (that is the more or less twisted characters) who set the goals for the education, (that is the formation) of children and adolescents, and in general it must be said that they set the goals so as to serve their own convenience and to perpetuate their own prejudices. Only some rather primitive peoples, such as the Eskimos, take quite a different view of education and of the upbringing of children.

According to the ancient religion of the Eskimos, an aspect which Christianity has only partly succeeded in destroying, the child is the wisest of all, and therefore the worst misdeed a man can do is to thwart a child. To the Eskimos, this is not just a theoretical or theological belief, but they act according to it, to the amazement of all ‘civilized’ observers.

Raknes, Ola. Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy : the great psychologist and his controversial theory of life energy. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1970. 2425. Print.


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