characterological armor

When some natural activity in a child is inhibited without some other adequate outlet for the energy involved, the inhibition will at first provoke rage. If the rage does not overcome the obstacle or inhibition, it will turn into anxiety, which will make the child subdue its rage as well as its original impulse.

This subduing is brought about by muscular or vascular contractions or both, and such contractions, when intense or prolonged or repeated, become chronic holdings or tensions. Since these tensions can, at least in some cases, be loosened or even removed by the DOR [deadly orgone]-buster, I think I am justified in believing that the free flow of the orgone energy has been inhibited by the tensions or spasms and that the orgone has been transformed into DOR. . . .

Still others, less fortunate, will in the end, after a longer or shorter struggle, give in to the inhibiting forces and establish a system of stases and tensions, that is, muscular and characterological armor, thus shutting themselves off from ‘dangerous’ impulses and reducing the orgone metabolism of the organism.

Such an armor is always very difficult, is some cases perhaps impossible, to dissolve. Armored persons will always be more or less crippled in their natural functioning, in their work, their social intercourse, their sex lives, and their general health, mental as well as physical.

Raknes, Ola. Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy : the great psychologist and his controversial theory of life energy. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1970. 80. Print.


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