Ken Marcus

When I first agreed to work with Playboy, they flew out several of their editors to meet with me at Marilyn Grabowski’s office.

I remember thinking to myself, ‘Well, okay, I’ve been in a lot of corporate client meetings, I know what to expect. I’ll go in with a pad of paper and a pen to take notes. They will tell me what they need and what they expect of me.’ … An hour and a half later, when the meeting was over, I came out of there, and what was written on that piece of paper—which I still have somewhere in this studio, was:

1. Travel first class, stay only in the finest hotels.
2. Eat at the best restaurants.
3. When you travel, make sure our publicity department knows where you are going so that they can let everybody know who you are, and why you are there.
4. Tip big, so nobody steals your stuff.
5. And whatever else you do, always make sure that you look like you’re having a great time.

That was my world for the next 11 years.

—Ken Marcus, photographer


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