Julia Sweeney on grabbing life

“When you’re around someone who is as sick as Mike, you have a couple of urges. One is to be really healthy. I mean, you want to get up and take your vitamins and eat your green, leafy vegetables and exercise and meditate…

But on the other hand, you have this equal urge to be equally unhealthy. I mean, you want to eat fried foods and drive in fast cars and take up dangerous sports.

And this one day, I was feeling really stressed out and really down and I just… needed a release of some kind and I decided to do something a little unhealthy and dangerous, and for me that meant I was going to smoke myself a cigarette and buy the new book by The Pope.”

—Julia Sweeney, comedian and author, on behavior in midst of her brother’s chemotherapy

Listen: God Said Ha! on Spotify


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