Peter Frampton’s 1954 Gibson Les Paul

Peter Frampton, 1976

Peter Frampton, 2012

Top: Peter Frampton in 1976 during a Frampton Comes Alive! concert.

Bottom: Frampton is reunited with his guitar just in time for a 35th anniversary tour.


“It’s in remarkable condition considering that it’s been in a plane crash,” he told Mason. “I don’t know how I’m going to handle being on stage with it again.”

“Peter Frampton and guitar, together again”. CBS News. 19 Feb. 2012.

“It’s sort of a matte black now — it’s not shiny so much anymore. The binding needs a little bit of work on the neck; the electronics need replacing,” Frampton says. He adds, though, that he’ll limit repairs on the instrument to “whatever needs to be replaced on it to make it just playable. But it must retain its battle scars.”

“Frampton’s Dream Guitar, Recovered Decades Later”. NPR. 7 Jan. 2012.

“For 30 years, it didn’t exist – it went up in a puff of smoke as far as I was concerned.”

McKinley Jr., James C. “Peter Frampton Reunited With ‘Best Guitar’ After 31 Years”. The New York Times. 3 Jan. 2012.


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