Shelley Fabares

“A person had given me a book that had a lovely poem in it many years ago. The idea of the poem, it’s about a very gallant warrior and it’s set in olden times. There’s this one particular part of the poem where they’re going out to do battle, and it was referring mostly to this one man.

It said that as he rode out ‘with plume afloat’ and talking about his strength… and that always stuck with me. So, I also figured, well, if I’m going to die, I’m going out with plume afloat, you know? It’s going to be here, and that’s it. And if I get to live, it’s sort of a kind of full-of-hell, I’m still here, by-god.”

—Shelley Fabares, actress and autoimmune hepatitis patient, on her hairstyle


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