Buick radios


Buick Radios are completely transistorized and are engineered by Buick Autombiles’ acoustics. The Sonomatic Radio furnishes the highest fidelity possible and permits loud and clear reception while enjoying road speed driving with windows open. The Buick AM-FM Radio is equipped with Automatic Frequency control which “locks in” the FM stain you have selected. The AM-FM Stereo Radio available for the LeSabre, Wildcat, Electra and Riviera provides the same incomparable Stereophonic Sound you have heard in your home or in the theatre.

Tone Reverberator

This new dimension in musical reproduction will excite and enthuse the most casual listener and provide the ultimate listening pleasure to the music lover. The Tone Reverberator produces a concert hall effect by electronic means. A portion of the sound is heard directly from the front speaker. Another portion is routed through the Reverberator, where it is delayed, reverberated and amplified through the Rear Seat Speaker. Available for all models except Special and Skylark Convertibles.

Rear Seat Speaker

“Stereo-like” quality is offered for the listening pleasure of all passengers with this auxiliary speaker, which is installed on the rear shelf. It operates with, or independently of, the regular front speaker and is controlled by the driver. Available for all models except Special and Skylark Convertibles.

Buick: Engineered Approved Accessories for 1966. Second Edition 1377749. General Motors, 1966.

Featured music:

Mauriat, Paul. “Love Is Blue.” Love Is Blue. Philips, 1968.


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