Bette Davis on ingratitude

“On their side, no affection. I finished 18 years at Warner—built many sound stages there—never got a letter of goodbye, ended up in the backlot with the soundman, hind-spanking our producer till dawn having drinks, and that’s how I left the Warner lot.

If you go into this business and expect gratitude, or thanks… This is why we all have to get very tough about what we will and won’t do, because if we don’t, they will just take advantage of you till it’s unbelievable. There is no affection from there to here. But, for many actors, great gratitude here to there.

And you know, four compliments a year… we never would have asked for so much money. Truthfully. They never knew it! Actors are complete suckers for good parts, you know. And just saying, ‘You did a good job, Bette.’ … Never, never, never.”

—Bette Davis, actress

. . .

The book Davis refers to:

Schulberg, Budd. What Makes Sammy Run? New York: Random House, 1941.

“Bette Davis.” The Dick Cavett Show. ABC, Los Angeles. 18 Nov. 1971.


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